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Back to Work

I work in one of the more stressful industries, that aren’t manual labour: electronics retail; and today was my first day back to work after vacation. What can I say about it? Well, instantly the pressures I left behind me returned… But i suppose that’s par for the course.

I suppose though that the most interesting part of today was coming home. Yes, there’s a lot of projects awaiting me here too, but now they don’t seem so burdensome, so desperately crucial, so heavy. I guess it could be related to taking up the mantle at work again, and the home stuff just not seeming as hard to accomplish… I don’t know. Either way it’s good.

It’s just plain nice to come home to home, with all its foibles as they are, and bbq up a couple steaks for supper with your wife, in preparation for the evening, be it what it may.


End of Vacation

Well, if nothing else, it has been a very up and down week. I return to work once again on the morrow, back to the grind and all that I needed a vacation from. It is a daunting thought. But one I think I need. A vacation from home almost. Though I know quite well that given some more time I’d be comfortable at home and get some more things done.

As I sit here, my wife is putting away the groceries and we are going over the meal plan in part for next week. Feels like a typical sunday afternoon to me. Prep for the new week, lament over what didn’t get done last week.

One of the tasks that she took on this week was painting our spare room. I, sadly, was completely out of it with stress, and wasn’t able to help her with it. 2 coats of primer and 1 of paint later, we still need to do another coat. I guess I will have to take that on tomorrow afternoon when I get home. After all, if it doesn’t happen soon, it just won’t.

That brings up another bundle of thoughts. The rest of the plan for this week. How much do I plan out? I am thinking it easy to fill every night and morning with something to do; and now it’s on my mind, there are a bunch of small tasks that need completing before Thursday when we have the Electrician over.

Bah there’s never an end. Often vacation serves to add more projects to the list of those that might never see completion. And that, is stressful in and of itself.

So I ask myself, what did I get out of this vacation? At first, I am uncertain how to sum it up. Yet now, I can say,  it was just a change of pace.