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Seasons Change

Winter’s gone, and spring has come.
Summer too now is through.
We look now to fall that it may come,
and bring us its glow, many coloured hue.

Listen now, the seasons go, spring and summer,
winter too. Summer to end, and winter to come.
Let the leaves change, and the day grow short.
Summer is done, and winter must come.

The Plan by Jerimar & Isyldar

This I wrote with a friend of mine who worked with me on developing Chaos Reigns MOO a long time ago (nearly 10 years!) I found it whilst scrounging through that old content, and have to say, I rather like it.

The world is tinged with shades of grey,
What once was so is not today,
The solid hues of yesteryear,
Cannot be found in this world here.
It lies in us to forge our path,
Knowing not this from that,
To win the game is to which we strive,
To master the game, we know we’re alive.

–Jerimar & Isyldar Compilations


Fire, on a Moonlit Night

I wrote in a post earlier this week, that I had an opening line for a poem that I had used badly in the past. I think this will suit it much better; and that, I can call this one done.

The fire on a moonlit night,
sang out to the open sea
For where or not, at all is known
none but you and me.
The fire on a moonlit night,
sang out to the open sea
This day of clouds, white and gray
for none at all but me.


Such A Day

There are many times when I find pieces such as this in my library that, I wonder when I wrote them, and where I was. What was I doing? What was going on in my life. I, of course, so often don’t remember the specifics; and often enough, as with this piece, I can’t piece it together at all. Still, on its own, it has a certain something. I hope you enjoy it.

It is such a day as I would find
A million things to amuse my mind
A million ways to see the day
A million people see as I say
No one way seen
As each seen differs
The day is good
It opens doors
And lays down paths
To be traveled a million ways
More than one.



A Clue

For I fair not weather not heat not rain
I see no end,  no beginning, but pain
It is you see for seven and three
A place of old in future fortold.


Only You

I came across this one while searching for The Difference this morning. Pretty simple, but it makes a point. One I try to keep in mind as oft I can.

All is one
And one is all
Cometh forth to meet the day
For only you can make your way


The Difference

Digging up old snippets again. I know I have this one written down somewhere… But i cant find the blasted thing… At least not yet. This is something very old from my view. I created it back when I was in high school. Long enough ago that it did not instantly come to mind; and, in fact I could only remember the last two words last night: the truth. Upon awakening this morning, I was able to recall the last two lines… And while searching for the original in my office,  I recalled the rest. Took a while, but the best ones always do.

Nonetheless and all the same,
The difference still exists
But to the point, and from the start,
Always is the truth


Life Creates

I wrote this I know not when… It was a few years ago. But I think I am going to dredge up a lot of old snippets and such to post here. Such is a much better home for them than a drawer nobody else but me will open.

Ever and always, life creates.
Whether ’tis a thought, a life,
a buliding, a thing, or love;
Those that are here, may not
always see it.
Life creates. Even in our toil,
we are creating; always anew,
something must come. The old
goes, the new on the horizon;
there is more to be created.
Life creates. Even in destruction,
that which is gone brings new
into the world, something not
here before, or perhaps here
again. The cycle continues.


Torn in twain

An impossible position, bring torn in twain. I thought for what was, and a wish for what might. Today, what may, tomorrow, tonight.