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The Plan by Jerimar & Isyldar

This I wrote with a friend of mine who worked with me on developing Chaos Reigns MOO a long time ago (nearly 10 years!) I found it whilst scrounging through that old content, and have to say, I rather like it.

The world is tinged with shades of grey,
What once was so is not today,
The solid hues of yesteryear,
Cannot be found in this world here.
It lies in us to forge our path,
Knowing not this from that,
To win the game is to which we strive,
To master the game, we know we’re alive.

–Jerimar & Isyldar Compilations

The First

So many of these sites start out simply. I’ve had a number of sites of my own, built, designed, hosted, and programmed all my own… But today I thought to put something up that didn’t require much of my own effort. More to the point, since these services exist, why not take advantage and just have a place where I can throw some thoughts, the odd article, bit of work, whatever… And not have to worry about the back end maintenance of the project. In short, a place to create, to write the books, without having to first build the shelves.

With that said, I am unsure as yet what format this place will take. Nor how often I will keep it updated. In truth, I don’t know if I will write more into it beyond that which I put here today. I will most likely, but I don’t make that promise.

As I said, I have had other sites that I have built, many for myself, but most for others; for communities I have been a part of, and also for clients. This one, much as another I have since abandoned, intending to “develop it in future”, will be for me. I do, welcome any and all who wish to read it, though I expect that to be little more than a few friends and family.

And with that, I have little more to say for this intro, other than that I have an entry I intend to write shortly, as the first real content for this place. I hope whoever stops by will enjoy my idle ramblings enough to throw a comment or two up here. Otherwise, thanks for stopping by!