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A Clue

For I fair not weather not heat not rain
I see no end,  no beginning, but pain
It is you see for seven and three
A place of old in future fortold.


I say to myself, “I just want to put up a simple site, and write some stuff, post some content”…and then I get involved. In the process, I go through every wordpress theme I can get my hands on, spend half an hour deciding, “do I want this one? Or should I do this? Oh, but if only this one had a different font, or a different image…this would be so much better if the layout were just slightly different than what the creator put there…”

So I’m going to stop that nonsense right bloody now. A simple theme, though the font is not what I would have it be, nor the entire atmosphere what I could envision…it doesn’t have to be. Right now, It’s a place for me to put stuff, and that was my original intent.

I guess that, at some point, I will likely take the reigns again and go into full on developer mode; but for now, I want to create the content. Let’s add the trappings later, when I have more stuff to show off. A bookshelf isn’t all that impressive if it isn’t full of books.