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So what should I put in here? I have a number of things that I have done over the years; not so many projects as others would have, but enough that I am proud of such that I would want for a place to display them. Some of these works are still in place, others long gone and available only to myself a few others who have copies for various reason.

So here we go. Let us see how this turns out. I welcome any feedback at all on the works I post here. As all should be, and some few are, I look for ways to improve my work, and those ways don’t always, nor should they always, come directly from me.

Concepts & Proofs

Not everything makes it to production; nor should it. And I have a fair few that never did. But, there were some that I liked which never even got off the ground. Perhaps they were just an idea I was tinkering with at the time, or a proposal made that wasn’t accepted. Many reasons for which these never saw the light of day. For now, I’m going to put them up here for no other reason than that they should be somewhere, right? Those that never should see the light of day, those I will keep locked away on my hard drive.

Boissevain Community Theatre - Site ConceptBoissevain Community Theatre - Site ConceptcBrooks Development Website Mockup

ADLIB Drama (Amateur Drama Loose in Boissevain)

I spent a few years being a part of the Theatre and Drama crew in Boissevain, and I have to say, that it was among the best time of life doing so. The people were great, the productions, while amateur, were only so in the very nature of the word’s origin. They were fun to do, and I miss them greatly. One of the productions that we put on was named, Wonderville. This was one of those where I didn’t partake in the acting, but in the back stage work with light, sound, and media.

One of the things that is often done for these productions, since hiring an advertiser is out of the question for a low budget production with an average audience of 600 across 3 days (at best); but as it would happen, I was fresh out of school, having taken Multimedia Dev & Design, and was itching for a good project. A fellow dramatist, friend, and colleague of mine at the local library and myself got to brainstorming on a night about what could be done to create a poster to put up around down and drum up interest in the upcoming performance.

Now, 10 years later, I do not remember all of the details that led to the full blown ad campaign that we put together, but the result was fantastic. We created, in an evening (a single night!) a set of 7 interest pieces, with just enough information to grab the curiosity of the community, and not enough information to give the whole game away. These were to be put up many weeks in advance of the performance to get the community talking. We had the ADLIB logo on them, so there was at least some understanding as to the origin of the ads. Then, closer to the performance, we put up a bigger, more direct poster, which included the images of the 7 “teaser” posters on it so as to tie it all together.

The result was a great turn-out at the box office of the local theatre, and it’s one of the most remembered performances in my own memory, and I wasn’t even in it!

Teaser Posters

Europe.qxp Liberty Bull Macleans Cover Aurora.qxp The National.qxp"In Bull We Trust"Wonderville - Muel

The Final Poster

Wonderville - Final Poster

More To Come

Putting together an entire portfolio takes time; as I’m sure many of you out there are aware. As I have this wonderful commodity of time, I will ad more of my works to this page. As I am sitting here thinking about it; there’s a lot of stuff I’d like to put in here. And as I keep a lot of in in a raw format (ie in a PSD or PDF or HTML file), it’s going to take some time to get it into a format appropriate for this medium. ie) a JPEG or PNG file.

So stay tuned! More is to come.



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