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Archives: September 2015

Saturday Morning

It’s Saturday. Morning. Like, really morning. I’m up, have taken my wife to work, had breakfast out on the deck while I watched an anime show on Crunchyroll. I’ve had time to peruse Facebook, and spend 20 minutes looking for my iPad keyboard so that I could muck around on WordPress. It’s not even 9am yet!!!

It’s actually kind of chilly out here on the deck. The sun, while slowly climbing towards zenith is still behind some really large trees, and also the high-rise behind them. I’ll probably wish that was the case later on when it hits near 30 celsius this afternoon. Such is life.

Now I feel like I ought to figure out what I’m going to do with the rest of my weekend. Probably some house chores. Gods know that there’s never any end to them. Plus they’ve pretty much been ignored all week; so I ought to do some dishes and laundry at least. 🙂 That takes care of this morning.

What about this afternoon?

I have a proverbial tonne of reading that I need to catch up on; both in news articles, and books that I’ve purchased over the last <forever> that I haven’t gotten to. But if I spend the afternoon reading, I’ll probably end up taking a rather long nap; and there will go Saturday.


On a completely different note, I had an interesting spark of thought this morning as I was coming home. I’ve been working at the new job as Support Web Developer for almost two months now; and apart from the fact, that I still haven’t done much actual work on websites, I’ve noticed something in my own way of interacting with my co-workers. I have an urge to pass on knowledge. A big one.

I’m finding often-times, that I’m having to hold back in conversations, because I just want to expound on how much I know on a subject, whether it’s needed or not. I feel I really need to hold back, given I’m the rookie on the job, howevermuch I’m the only guy in the department. But that’s what really led me to notice this.

In my previous job, I did a lot of training. Day-to-day stuff, sure; but more than that as well. As a retail manager, you are pretty much solely responsible for making sure that your entire team knows what they need to know in order to do their jobs and live up to your expectations. To that end, I was always guiding, teaching, and informing the people that I worked with; and, that extended to non-work-related things as well. You just learn so much about the world sometimes that you have to share. 🙂

Back to my spark of thought: what if, down the road, I went into teaching? There’s nothing really, apart from education that holds someone back from that I think. And in my mind, education is just a matter of taking the course and learning the material. Actually learning it, of course, and not just passing the class. 😀

At the very least, it’s worth considering. It’s not an entirely new thought, really. It’s soething that has been in the back of my mind for years and years; but, I was never (and am not) entirely sure it would hold enough challenge for me. I might even be good at it. Hard to say. There’s also the fact that whenever I imagine teaching, I am imagining teaching in a high school setting; and that poses a challenge all its own in regards to stress levels…which I’m not sure I’m up for.

So, at the very least this idea is going back up on the shelf for a while; but, I’ll keep an eye on it and take it down from time to time for consideration. You always need a backup plan after all.