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Archives: July 2014

Where to start?

It is true, that I have been away from a lot of my creative, and developmental work for a longer time than I would have liked to be. Before this past fall, I hadn’t even really done much work development-wise, let alone creatively. Thankfully, I have a guild that I belong to in a popular MMORPG that had me pick up my rather dusty (and even rusty!) skills, and get back to work with them on the website for said guild.

It’s been a long process, and I still haven’t got everything back that I had before. I really need to pick up on the old php and javascript stuff that I used to know so well. Let alone Python. Still, that should be relatively easy to do. I just need a project for myself to dive headfirst into, and start creating things from the ground up again to make it happen.

But those aren’t the only things that I have on the “things I want to do” list. So much reading, writing, creating. There are courses, even, that I think I would like to take to help me develop my creative and developmental skills…but I certainly don’t have the funding for that right now; nor the time to see it happen.

That brings me to the other stuff in my life; what many would argue, would be the more important stuff in life. The people around me, the everyday stuff that needs to get done like house chores. How on earth does everyone else get all this stuff “looked after” or kept up, while pursuing all the other things they want, and still hold down a job? Lord knows the job I’ve got right now demands every last minute I care to grant it. And the projects around the house (many of which I have put off for a very long time), don’t seem to be getting themselves done without my intervention. In fact, they seem to have multiplied somehow…WTF?

So, where do I start? What thread brings me to the beginning of the unravelling (and thus completing) of all the things that I want to do?

Alas, this is a complaint, and a struggling point that I have been dealing with my entire life. One of those blastedly annoying cyclical things that will ever come back to bite me. As ever, I’m going to have to evalute what time I want to spend doing what, and probably scale back some of the liesure activities that I’m partaking in, in order to accomplish the other things that I want to.

One of these days they will find a way for me to be in sixteen places at once; sure they will.