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A Project

So many times, we just need that project to come along. You know the one. You’ve been ignoring something for years; some skill that you used to enjoy. Something that would absorb every last ounce of any free attention you had. Who knows why you stopped paying it attention, but you did. Now you have a new project again; and you’re enthralled.

That’s me right now. I’ve truly been out of web development for a couple of years now; but now I have a project again. Some friends of mine are looking into migrating their site services to a new provider and service, and I’ve been tasked with the project. Well, more to be true, I volunteered. 🙂 And wow does it ever feel good to be back in the seat again. I’ve got tons of work to do in order to make this project viable, and find the right solution; but I am looking forward to it.

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