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So much writing to do

Writing is ever one of those things not far from my mind, and even more so while I have devices at hand that make it so easy to do so. I am sitting now out upon my deck, writing on my tablet as I would a notebook not so very long ago. It is certainly not as quick a process as would be typing ; however, typing just doesn’t do the creative process much justice .

So here I sit with modern day tech, using old Techniques To write a journal entry. It’s kind of amusing really. Still, I am enjoying myself . that is what matters.

So, of what should I write today? Besides of course the manner in which I chose to write the first two paragraphs of this entry? I jot down a hundred ideas and every one of them I think worthy of a post; yet I often, as now, don’t wish to spend the time fleshing them out when I do have a moment. No, that’s wrong. When I do have a moment I am often relaxing and a lot of my ideas will require time and effort put into them that shouldn’t be taken up when relaxing. That’s just stress inducing. Oh hey,  I can dictate this instead of typing it…

So I guess I’m not particularly concerned with posting about anything specific I just wanted to post something for the sake of posting something. But that in and of itself is relaxing,  much as it is dictating text to your tablet instead of having to type or write it and watching the text flow screen without you having to do anything at all. Save perhaps correct the odd word here and there and at a little bit of punctuation now and then.

So for those looking for a little bit of poetry or little ditty, much as I am want to post here and there, I apologize but I have none as yet today. But you never know the creativity may come yet to write one for your entertainment. Otherwise I bid you adieu for the time being.


P. S.  It really is awesome to see an entire entry done with most of it having been done by talking.

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