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Archives: July 2013

The Difference

Digging up old snippets again. I know I have this one written down somewhere… But i cant find the blasted thing… At least not yet. This is something very old from my view. I created it back when I was in high school. Long enough ago that it did not instantly come to mind; and, in fact I could only remember the last two words last night: the truth. Upon awakening this morning, I was able to recall the last two lines… And while searching for the original in my office,  I recalled the rest. Took a while, but the best ones always do.

Nonetheless and all the same,
The difference still exists
But to the point, and from the start,
Always is the truth

The Forgotten Art of Simple Conversation

This is something that I have been watching degrade over the last several years. While my wife disagrees with me about my conversation skills, I have always felt at a loss when trying to carry on a conversation… Yet now this is a problem all over the world, and I find that I am envious of others’ ability to hold these conversations less and less… it is disturbing.

The Forgotten Art of Simple Conversation

I suppose that it gets harder and harder each passing moment that we have these devices in our hands, to ignore them. The gods only know how much amusement I derive from watching someone go through phone withdrawal. (Have you gone more than 15 minutes without checking your phone in the last several years? try it.) Still, what disturbs me more is that so few people realize the addiction.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am as addicted as the next guy to these things; and spend enough time reading and communicating with folks over them. Hell, I sell the things at work. But i know when to draw the line.

At the table, the phones are ignored. While driving, they are ignored. When having a decent conversation with a friend, they are ignored. I have even at times taken to turning them off at work, even though I need them periodically for what I do. They are THAT distracting.

So many times I have looked at what I get accomplished during the day when I have my phone around and am amazed at how little I get accomplished with this device that is supposed to make things faster, easier, and more efficient. Take right now for example. I have been awake for half an hour. have I started breakfast? No. Have I looked after any of the morning stuff? No. Have I put out the keys my Co worker is coming to pick up any moment? Nope. I got distracted by this article.

In short I suppose I’m as bad as the next guy when it comes to these things. The nice thing is that I feel I know when to put it down and focus on what’s important. Or perhaps those are the ravings of an addict?


Life Creates

I wrote this I know not when… It was a few years ago. But I think I am going to dredge up a lot of old snippets and such to post here. Such is a much better home for them than a drawer nobody else but me will open.

Ever and always, life creates.
Whether ’tis a thought, a life,
a buliding, a thing, or love;
Those that are here, may not
always see it.
Life creates. Even in our toil,
we are creating; always anew,
something must come. The old
goes, the new on the horizon;
there is more to be created.
Life creates. Even in destruction,
that which is gone brings new
into the world, something not
here before, or perhaps here
again. The cycle continues.


Torn in twain

An impossible position, bring torn in twain. I thought for what was, and a wish for what might. Today, what may, tomorrow, tonight.


The Modern Life

Growing up such as i did, watching Sci Fi shows and all the rest,  I yearned for the day when I could grab a small slate like device and just go out somewhere and write, or read, with a nice cup of coffee at hand and enjoy the world.

In all honesty, I don’t think I ever expected the day to come; but it did. Today i grabbed my phone and my coffee and went out and sat on the deck, and fixed a problem with a friend’s email before I decided that I should put up a blog that I could write on.

After spending half an hour putting the blog in place, writing the first post or two, and then customizing it… There it was. I was done my coffee and more work than I could have done in comfort on my deck than I could have a decade ago.

I have often longed for that freedom. Now it’s time to take advantage of it.




I say to myself, “I just want to put up a simple site, and write some stuff, post some content”…and then I get involved. In the process, I go through every wordpress theme I can get my hands on, spend half an hour deciding, “do I want this one? Or should I do this? Oh, but if only this one had a different font, or a different image…this would be so much better if the layout were just slightly different than what the creator put there…”

So I’m going to stop that nonsense right bloody now. A simple theme, though the font is not what I would have it be, nor the entire atmosphere what I could envision…it doesn’t have to be. Right now, It’s a place for me to put stuff, and that was my original intent.

I guess that, at some point, I will likely take the reigns again and go into full on developer mode; but for now, I want to create the content. Let’s add the trappings later, when I have more stuff to show off. A bookshelf isn’t all that impressive if it isn’t full of books.


The First

So many of these sites start out simply. I’ve had a number of sites of my own, built, designed, hosted, and programmed all my own… But today I thought to put something up that didn’t require much of my own effort. More to the point, since these services exist, why not take advantage and just have a place where I can throw some thoughts, the odd article, bit of work, whatever… And not have to worry about the back end maintenance of the project. In short, a place to create, to write the books, without having to first build the shelves.

With that said, I am unsure as yet what format this place will take. Nor how often I will keep it updated. In truth, I don’t know if I will write more into it beyond that which I put here today. I will most likely, but I don’t make that promise.

As I said, I have had other sites that I have built, many for myself, but most for others; for communities I have been a part of, and also for clients. This one, much as another I have since abandoned, intending to “develop it in future”, will be for me. I do, welcome any and all who wish to read it, though I expect that to be little more than a few friends and family.

And with that, I have little more to say for this intro, other than that I have an entry I intend to write shortly, as the first real content for this place. I hope whoever stops by will enjoy my idle ramblings enough to throw a comment or two up here. Otherwise, thanks for stopping by!