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Life Decisions

Gah! Have you ever had those decisions to make? You know, the ones that have your gut wrenching, and you can’t think about anything else? The ones where no matter what choice you make, you’re going to lose something? The ones that are a critical, irreversible, unavoidable fork in the road? Oh, and by the way, there’s a boulder rolling along at breakneck speed behind you, so hurry up and make your choice…? Those ones. Ever had those?

I am faced with that on a number of different planes right now, and I don’t enjoy it one bloody bit. Oh the possibilities are attractive. No matter what way I go there are potential positives… I oft think there always are. I must, however, weigh the negatives. Which are the heaviest? Which can I bear to carry on my shoulders?

And most, I will admit, revolve around my current work situation.

I have recently been promoted to a new position, and am on many days enjoying it greatly. Then, there are these other days. The days where I can’t think straight; can’t work up the motivation to do the many multitudes of things that are asked of me. Those days, suck. And it is always on these days that I wonder “is this the right job for me?” Even now as I sit here and write this, I don’t have an answer to that question. Sure my job has kept me employed these many years, and there are a great deal of positive aspects to it. Then, there are these others… Those reasons that often push people out of their job and in search of a new one. Pressure from up above, from the competition, internal and external. The pressure to succeed and do it well. And the concern of what will happen if success is not obtained.

They say this job isn’t for the faint of heart, and that it requires that special person to success at it. Yet we are always in search of those people. We never seem to find them. At the end of the day, we are left with the people we have, who will do what they will and so often that isn’t what we want.

I suppose that at this point I am just ranting, and should move on to other tasks and subjects. So be it. This will just have to sit on the shelf for now.

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