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The Forgotten Art of Simple Conversation

This is something that I have been watching degrade over the last several years. While my wife disagrees with me about my conversation skills, I have always felt at a loss when trying to carry on a conversation… Yet now this is a problem all over the world, and I find that I am envious of others’ ability to hold these conversations less and less… it is disturbing.

The Forgotten Art of Simple Conversation

I suppose that it gets harder and harder each passing moment that we have these devices in our hands, to ignore them. The gods only know how much amusement I derive from watching someone go through phone withdrawal. (Have you gone more than 15 minutes without checking your phone in the last several years? try it.) Still, what disturbs me more is that so few people realize the addiction.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am as addicted as the next guy to these things; and spend enough time reading and communicating with folks over them. Hell, I sell the things at work. But i know when to draw the line.

At the table, the phones are ignored. While driving, they are ignored. When having a decent conversation with a friend, they are ignored. I have even at times taken to turning them off at work, even though I need them periodically for what I do. They are THAT distracting.

So many times I have looked at what I get accomplished during the day when I have my phone around and am amazed at how little I get accomplished with this device that is supposed to make things faster, easier, and more efficient. Take right now for example. I have been awake for half an hour. have I started breakfast? No. Have I looked after any of the morning stuff? No. Have I put out the keys my Co worker is coming to pick up any moment? Nope. I got distracted by this article.

In short I suppose I’m as bad as the next guy when it comes to these things. The nice thing is that I feel I know when to put it down and focus on what’s important. Or perhaps those are the ravings of an addict?

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