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Easily Obsessed

It is insane, how much attention becomes something to obsess over. I’ve had this site up for less than 24 hours, and I already find myself pondering over the next thing I should be putting up here. Not because I want to, nor necessarily because I should. I’m not a dedicated writer by any means. In fact, I tend more to jot down things here and there, and once in a while I finish a piece, albeit usually a short one.

No, I find that I am drawn to adding more and more content because people so far have paid attention to it. Far faster, and by far more people than I expected. (Yup, 10 more than expected. I expected 0.) 🙂

So where do I go from here? Do I keep adding stuff, dredging up old content that I’ve written in years gone by, or jotting down all my thoughts on to this site in the hopes of more “likes” and “follows”? Perhaps. I still, honestly, am unsure where this is going. I have a great many scribbles and such that I could drop here. Old photos that I took, projects that I did. All that kind of stuff. Even more little snippets than I’ve put up here so far.

I can pull content from other sites, and add my comments here for anyone to read; though that feels like cheap content to me. But it will happen in all likelihood.

And then there’s the design. Every time I log in and look at the appearance of the site…I want to tweak it. I get the feeling that, given a little time, I’m going to have to get my hands dirty and add some scrollwork to that shelf, lest it sit there and simply be plain planks nailed together…


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