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The First

So many of these sites start out simply. I’ve had a number of sites of my own, built, designed, hosted, and programmed all my own… But today I thought to put something up that didn’t require much of my own effort. More to the point, since these services exist, why not take advantage and just have a place where I can throw some thoughts, the odd article, bit of work, whatever… And not have to worry about the back end maintenance of the project. In short, a place to create, to write the books, without having to first build the shelves.

With that said, I am unsure as yet what format this place will take. Nor how often I will keep it updated. In truth, I don’t know if I will write more into it beyond that which I put here today. I will most likely, but I don’t make that promise.

As I said, I have had other sites that I have built, many for myself, but most for others; for communities I have been a part of, and also for clients. This one, much as another I have since abandoned, intending to “develop it in future”, will be for me. I do, welcome any and all who wish to read it, though I expect that to be little more than a few friends and family.

And with that, I have little more to say for this intro, other than that I have an entry I intend to write shortly, as the first real content for this place. I hope whoever stops by will enjoy my idle ramblings enough to throw a comment or two up here. Otherwise, thanks for stopping by!



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  1. MissesC says:

    Welcome to our family of bloggers! I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

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